Select your technical issue from below

1- STB Blocked
2- Only Black Screen Showing
3- Host Not Found
4- Freezing / Buffering
5- Sound & image not synchronized
1- STB Blocked

If you have the msg showing on the screen STB blocked, contact the provider, click the button below to unlock it


1- Resetting the device to factory settings

2- Account period is expired, so check your order date and renew the service if needed.

3- If you ordered from europe or australia, so we save your account activation until you receive your item!

2- Only Black Screen Showing

Usually it is internet connection or because you are not closing the IPTV app correctly.

to close the app correctly, press and hold (Back) button then select exit.

to solve this issue please click below to fix it:

3- Host Not Found

Host not found means there is no internet connected to your device, or you opened the IPTV application before making sure that internet is connected.

To fix this issue, make sure internet is connected by doing the below steps:

1– Go to the main screen as below and make sure your internet icon is Green, not white

2– if internet connection was not connected, make sure to connect it by going to:  settings > Network > your Wifi network > Connect

  • if you are using hard wire connection, check your internet router.

3– After you get your connection back, open IPTV app

4– Press and Hold OK on the remote for 2 seconds

5– select reload portal > IPTV1 > Click OK on IPTV 1





5- Sound & image not synchronized

If there is a time difference between the sound and image, do the following to synchronize them.

1- Play any channel

2- press and hold OK for 2 seconds

3- Select AUTO

4- change the channel and check if the issue is fixed