Important to know: Resetting the device to factory settings can void your device warranty, Never reset the device to factory settings, and never delete any of the apps, or change the device settings. if you need help, you can go to our technical support section under (contact & help) page

Step Number 1

Plug the power adapter & HDMI Cable.

Start with Plugging the HDMI Cable Between TV & The Box, then plug the power adapter to the box.

a red light will turn on the device, then will become blue, that means power is on, and you should see the Welcome Msg on the screen

Step Number 2

Connect the internet.

Go to settings, on the main screen, select (Network) and find your Network, Click on it and enter your Network Password.

  • if you are using ethernet cable, skip this step
  • we recommend using the direct cable instead of wifi for better results
  • if you are using WIFI, make sure the distance between the box & router is not more than 15 Ft

Some newer models have settings button on the remote control, press this button to (settings) to access the device settings.

Step Number 3

Start Watching.

After You Connect to Internet, Click Home on The Remote Control.

On The Main Screen You Will FindĀ  (IPTV) Application, click on it, and it will start loading automatically. then you will get the below screen.

Select the TV PACKAGE you want to watch, and click OK on it to start playing.


  • To Watch Movies, Click to the right to go to Video Club, select the movies language and Start watching
  • To Exit from the TV channels list or to change the channels list click on the (LEFT ARROW) on the remote control
  • IMPORTANT: to exit the APP, Press & Hold on Return Button or click Home on the remote control

Creating Favorites List

it is very easy to create a favorites list, simply, click the yellow button on the remote control to add the channels to favorites list, and the green to show the favorites!

1- Open the channel list

2- at the button of the screen, you will see colored buttons, each one refers to the function.

3- Click the yellow button to add to favorites

4- Click the green and select (show favorites) to see your list

When you finish watching TV, DONT turn the device off before you close the IPTV APP,

To close the app correctly,

  • Press and HOLD the return button
  • You will get a msg on the screen to Exit.
  • Confirm by clicking OK, then turn the device off

The return / Exit Button looks like the button in this image

When you Turn the device again, make sure internet is connected before you open the IPTV APP.

To make sure internet is connected, look at the top right of the screen when you are on the main page, you will see 4 small icons, if you are using WIFI, the wifi icon should be green. if you are using internet cable, the Cable icon (first one on the right) should be green.

please make sure internet is connected before you open IPTV

WIFI icon

this should be green if you are using wifi

Wire icon

this should be green if you are using internet Wire

Instructions Video