The Media & TV Experts

SINCE 2011

We are a leader TV service providers, TARBOOSH started in July 2011, Which makes us one of the first Internet TV service providers.

At TARBOOSH TV our mission never stops to provide the highest quality content with best value and price! our R&D keeps developing our products and services to deliver the best & the best & the best of media and entertainment to your screen.

At Tarboosh TV we serve you wherever you are located, our offices are all around the world to serve you 24/7 & to activate your service on your own device or to deliver your receiver within the fastest time frame & best delivery service! so we can serve you whether you are within our zip code, or within our planet!


Many reasons to choose our service:

1- Quality: with us, you get the highest quality content, in HD and no freezing!

2- Price: compare our prices with others, our prices are the best, period!

3- Recharging: Easy recharge, not like ebay and amazon sellers, our device can be renewed and recharged easily on our website, so keep the device and renew it only!

4- Experience: More than 6 years experience, a name to trust!